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 Directory of Hairbows 
Buy beautiful infant hair bows, baby hair bows, and infant hair
clips at affordable prices
  Our baby hair bows come on lined alligator clips or your choice of our no slip velcro. 
Basic Hair Bows
Search through our selection of the most popular hair bow styles.  Here you will find your common Boutique Style Hair Bows, Twisted Hairbows, and Polka Dot Hair Bows as low as $1.00.  These bows can be purchased in your choice of Infant, Toddler or Girl Sizes. 
Hair Clips
Search through our selection of infant and girl hair clips.  Each are lined alligator clips with designer ribbon or bows attached.  These are perfect for newborns and can also be used to pin toddler and girls hair back. 
Baby Headbands
Check out this beautiful selection of crochet headbands with hair bows or flower embellishments attached.  Your little princess will be the center of attention with these affordable headbands.
Girls Headbands
These toddler and girl sized headbands are made in your choice of color.  Each headband is wrapped with quality grosgrain ribbon and has a bow or flower embellishment attached. 
Cheerleading Hair Bows
These cheer bows are perfect for your cheerleading squad.  Personalize your cheerleader hair bow to include your school name and much more!
Don't see what you are looking for? Contact us at so we can create something special for your  squad or for special squad discounts. 
Toddler Bows
Our custom toddler hair bows are the most affordable and comes in 3 inches - 5 inches.  Customize your bow in your choices of colors and hardware for your little princess.  These toddler hair bows are made in Boutique Style or Twisted Style.
Girl Bows
These girl size bows comes in your choice of 3 - 5 inches and are as low as 1.00.  Add one of these beautiful hairbows to your little princess' bow selection today! 
School Uniform Bows
Shop here for a selection of our hairbows that are perfect to match her school uniform attire.  From one to two layer bows, these are surley affordable and can be purchased in 3 - 5 inches. 
Korker Bows
Like the korker look?  Well customize our korker bow today with all your favorite colors for that fun look!  With over 25 solid colors to choose and a nice selection of styles to add your korkers to, you will surely be the center of attention.  These bows are perfect for both infant, toddlers and girls and are great to match-up with cheerleading uniforms.
Ponytail Streamers
These ponytail streamers can be customized to match her outfits and are perfect for cheerleading squads.  Mix and match the colors for that perfect look.  Our streamers come on quality ponytail holders and are made with top grosgrain ribbon so they are long lasting.
Monogrammed Bows
These personalized hair bows are like no others!  With many style to choose from, they are perfect for infants, toddlers, girls and make the excellent match with cheerleading uniforms. 
Birthday Hair Bows
Give that special little lady a hair bow as a gift idea today!  These hairbows are made with birthday themed ribbon in your choice of size, colors and much more.  Or get a box of 25 hair bows in our basic colors as low as $29.99.
 Ribbon Flip Flops
These cute ribbon decorated flip flops are the perfect touch for the Spring, Summer and special occasions!  Each flip flop is lined with 3/8 inch ribbon around the edge with an array of stylish polka dot or printed ribbon.    Our Flip Flops can be purchased in small toddler to adult sizes.
Bow Holders
Choose your favorite letter, name and colors for these customizable bow holders.  These bow holders are the perfect storage for your hair bows.  Why pay so much money for hairbows that you lose or mess up from tossing around.  Each letter has 28 inches of ribbon attached to the bottom for bow storage with a loop on the back that can be secured on the wall or door.   Each ribbon strip will hold up to 40 bows and clippies.  Get your bow holder today to match her room theme and colors and much more! 
Bow Hats
This assortment of Kufi hats for infants and toddlers are the cutest to finish off her dressy or sassy outfit!  Each hat has a bow attached that can be customized to your choice of colors. 


Sequin Streamer
Sequin Streamer
$10.99 $4.99

Peace Monogram Bow
Peace Monogram Bow
$16.99 $9.99

Twisted Diamond Diva
Twisted Diamond Diva
$16.99 $10.19

Basic Cheerleader Hair Bow
Basic Cheerleader Hair Bow
$4.99 $1.99




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