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Hair Bow Care Tips
Finding it hard to keep her hair bows clean and neat?
Here is a cleaning tip that will save you time and money:
Shout is a wonderful tool for keeping hair bows clean and like new.  It  comes in the Spray solution, Gel or the Wipes.   I only use the spray or wipes. 
Simply spray or wipe the bow with Shout and go back behind it with a damp towel. 
Let your hairbow sit for about an hour to dry. 
Once it dries, it should look as good as new!! 
Please don't go bizerk with the Shout!!
Shout the stains out and not the bow!!
From time to time after oils from your hair gets in the bows
the ends may begin to re-fray.  Some simple fraying
techniques are to simply run a lighter across the ends
to heat seal the ribbon.  Please be careful when
using this technique as too much heat may
damage your bow.  Do this at your own risk.

First time users often break their pony o's by
attempting to use the pony attached to bow to 
pin their hair up.  Big mistake!  You must first put your
hair into a ponytail and then put the bow on.
Too much stretching will cause your pony o to
break.  To replace a broken pony o, apply a small
amount of heat to the back where the center is attached to the pony o so the glue loosens and unwrap the center, the first pony is attached to the bow with thread so you will have to pull that pony
out or cut it off as much as possible, but DO NOT cut the thread because your bow may come apart. 
Apply a small amount of hot glue (utilize a glue gun)
to the area where the first pony o was, lay the new pony
there, press to make sure its glued down.  Apply a little more glue and take the center and wrap it back around
securing it back with the hot glue.