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Frequently Asked Questions
1.  What is your refund policy?
All of our hairbows are custom made to your choice of color, size and hardware.  Therefore, we do not allow for refunds or exchanges once an order has been placed.  We will not be responsible for the upkeep of your product after it has been shipped to you. 
2.   What is your shipping policy?
We make every effort to ship all orders within 10 - 14 business days.  Large orders and orders containing monogram or cheer bows can take up to 4 weeks, depending on the order size and current order volume. During the holidays and peak season, there may be delays. Once your order is processed, please allow an additional 3 - 7 days to receive your order in the mail.  All packages are shipped with delivery confirmation, therefore, we will not be responsible for any lost or stolen packages that have been delivered to the address you specified.    Please be sure someone is available to receive your package or that the address you specify is a safe place for the post office to leave your package should you be unavailable to receive it when delivered. 
3.  What if I see a bow on your website that I like, but I don't see the color that I need?
Please let us know if you see a style bow you like but want it in another color.  We will do everything possible to get the color you need.  We assure you that any bow on our site can be done in any style or color ribbon that you desire. 
4. How long does it take for my order to ship?

Most orders ship within 10-14 business days. Orders containing monogram or cheer bows can take up to 4 weeks, depending on the order size and current order volume.  From your ship date Priority Mail takes 1-3 days for delivery and 1st Class mail takes 5-7 days for delivery.

5.  What are your shipping rates?

We offer USPS First Class Shipping (5-7days) & Priority Mail (1-3 days) for very low rates depending on the number of items you purchase and it's weight.  We also offer FedEx Standard Overnight starting at $25 depending on your location.   

6.  Does purchasing Priority or Fed Ex shipping speed up my order processing time?
Your choice of shipping only changes the length of time it takes to receive your order after it is processed.  Most orders  are processed and ready to ship within 10-14 business days depending on the quanity and order volume.
7.  I need my order for a special event, will you expedite my order?
We try to accomodate our customers as much as possible and will do all we can to ensure that you receive your order in time.  Please let us know how soon you need your order and we will try to accomodate it.  We have a Expedite section on the site that allows you to add expediting to your order for an additional fee.  This gaurantees you to receive your order in a specified period.  However, you must email us prior to placing the order to ensure that we can accomodate your need.  Failure to obtain approval before purchasing expeditng could cause delays with your order.
8.  I placed an order and after submitting my order I realized that I forgot something.
Simply send us an email indicating the item that you left off and we will add it to your order to prevent double shipping costs.  We will send you an invoice via Paypal for that item.
9.  My baby has really thin hair, what type of hardware should I choose?
We would suggest that you choose a fully lined alligator clip. There are additional charges for the fully lined clip, but getting that prevents the bow from slipping off the hair.   The French Barrette is also a good choice and will secure on the hair perfectly. We also recommend the crochet headbands.  Children with really thick or coarse hair should use an Unlined Alligator clip because it makes it easy to slide the clip through the hair.   Pictures of all the types of hardware are located on the website.
10.  What if a bow is incorrectly made?
We take pride in our work and want to ensure that our customers are completely satisfied with their merchandise.  However, mistakes do happen, so if your order is made different than what is requested on your invoice,  we will provide a return shipping label for you to return the product back to us for correction. It is impossible for all items to look exactly like the picture examples, especially if ordering a different color/size, so its best to preorder one as a sample before placing a large order for particular items.  We will not accept merchandise back after it has been worn and will not be responsible for the upkeep of your product after it has been received.  If you placed an order for one thing, but emailed different instructions at a later date, chances are that we have already ordered ribbon to match the request on your order.  In those instances, we will not be able to accomodate your change request or you may be charged an additional fees.
11.  How do I obtain a sample of merchandise prior to purchasing?
Because all of our bows are custom made, we do not ship samples of bows.  You are welcome to order one of any item on the site should you desire to see the quality or colors of any product.   In fact, we recommend ordering one of each item first on very large orders containing 50 or more bows as all sales are final.  If after ordering one, you choose to order additional, we will refund you for the first bow you purchased, less shipping cost. Please notify us when placing your new order to obtain that refund or credit towards your order.  
12.  I placed an order on the site and I listed yellow as a my color choice, but when I received the order, I actually needed yellow gold instead.  Can I return the bows for the color I needed? 
We do not accept returns on products that were not ordered in the correct color.  You must be specific about the color you desire for your bows as every bow is custom made according to your color requests.  In addition, the color that we used cannot be resold, therefore, we would incur additional loss in supply and labor charges due to your error. 
13.  We would like to order bows, but are unsure about what would match our uniform. 
Send us a picture of the uniform to and we will gladly create something to match your uniforms or give you the correct colors to match them.  
14.  We ordered a large volume of bows and when we received them, we realized the size we chose is too small.  Are we able to exchange them for a larger size?
Please keep in mind that EVERY order on the site is a CUSTOM order, which means that we do not maintain a stock of bows for sale.  Each time someone places an order on the site, ribbon is ordered and the bows are made to accomodate your exact wishes  in colors and sizes on the order.  Because of that, we are unable to accept returns on the bows as they cannot be resold and we would incur a loss in both ribbon supply and labor cost for the time it takes to redo your order. 
 15.  Does your processing time mean that I will have my order in hand within 10-14 days? 
NO.  Our processing time is the length of time it takes to make your bows or order the necessary ribbon to complete your order.  Once your order is completed, please allow additional time for the delivery of your merchandise depending on the shipping method you chose.
16.  Do you accept purchase orders?
For schools and organizations, we allow the ability to pay by business check.  Once placing your order online, you receive payment instructions along with an order confirmation that you may use as your invoice to obtain a purchase order from your school/organization for payment.  However, your order will not be processed or shipped until a check is received for your order.   We do not accept personal checks.  Orders not paid for within 15 business days are Cancelled.